AUSVEG new National Manager

The Agri Business and AUSVEG is pleased to announce the newest addition to Ausvegs Leadership Team, Zarmeen Hassan, who has accepted the role of AUSVEG National Manager – Extension and Engagement.

Support for Agribusiness Australia "The Great debate"

We are pleased to announce our support of the Agribusiness Australia’s “The Great Debate” to be held on the 20th November  where a panel of exceptionally high-profile participants will dissect the past 30 years of agribusiness in Australia, and examine the current challenges and opportunities stretching out before us for the next 30 years.

Provenance branding

We've been working closely to develop brands for a number of areas that are developing strong paddock to plate structures.  If you are after great beef and lamb in Victoria check out the Mitta Valley Farmers Co-op or after great food near the southern highlands in NSW see when the next Southern Harvest farmers markets are on.

Negotiation training for the wine industy

We've just conducted 2 rounds of negotiation training to one of Australia's largest grape grower co-ops to help them negotiate a better win-win situation for their members and buyers over a longer term.  We wish them luck in their upcoming vintage price negotiations


Export Strategy for berry company

We're excited for a major berry company that has just completed their first export of berries.  Earlier this year we worked with them to create an export strategy identifying potential markets, biosecurity, food safety, transport options and storage as well as possible target wholesalers.  Hopefully they can continue to grow this market over future years.

Australian Blueberry Growers Association survey

We conducted a quantitative survey for the Australian Blueberry Growers Association and Raspberries and Blackberries Australia to their members to gain an understanding of the issues they are facing, what their plans for the future is and how they see the roles of their association's changing.

Mudgee Wine Association brand and strategy

Over the last 12 months we've been working closely with the Mudgee Wine Association to develop a brand then marketing / communication plan.  Mudgee gets now 600,000 visitors a year and is probably one of the most diverse regions for grape varietals giving consumers a huge range of wines.  It's also unique for all the winery's, cellar doors and farms being family owned.  A great location for a weekend escape.